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Jun 14, 2021

In this podcast, Robin Koroluk and Jordan Wilson offer their thoughts on securing a job.

What employers seek in new financial service sector hires. What employers in any industry want to see in their staff. With comments on the interview process and how to make a good impression.


1:58 An Employer’s Perspective

What does Robin look for in a new wealth management hire?

Should employees strive to impress the boss or “be a sponge”?

Do employers expect strong finance skills in new hires?

What non-finance, technical skills may help in a finance position?

What about softer technical skills, like staff management?

Or non-technical soft skills, like communication and problem solving?


10:00 What Do All Employers Want? The True Value of the CFA

Can this person successfully learn new skills?

Will this person act ethically and professionally?

How will this person respond to adversity?

Does this person have the drive to succeed?

Can this person manage time and meet deadlines?

Do employers usually hire the “best” person?


20:00 Preparing for the Job Interview

How to stand out from the crowd?

How to respond to interview questions?

What is worth bringing up in responding to questions?

When should you begin preparing for an interview?

How can a “nasty uncle” help you get the job?

Should you sweet-talk an interviewer or embellish your skills?