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Sep 13, 2021

Women in Finance

Veronica Gamracy, Robin Koroluk, and Juliana Wong join Jordan Wilson to discuss women’s issues in finance.

Veronica Gamracy is a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor with CIBC World Markets in Saskatoon. With over 35 years of experience serving a clientele of affluent individuals, institutions, and corporations. 

Robin Koroluk is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager with Scotia Wealth Management. Robin entered the industry about a decade ago.

Juliana Wong is a Capital Markets Director at Concentra Bank, where she manages and monitors Concentra's investment portfolio and funding sources via capital markets.

During the podcast, we discuss:

0:00 Introduction

3:00 How has the finance industry evolved for women over the years?

13:25 Is there a “wage gap” and how can women reach more senior positions?

19:25 Should people take a narrow focus early on in a career?

23:40 Is the CFA exam curriculum all about “financial advising” or are there more areas of study?

33:25 How is the CFA Institute doing in emphasizing “diversity” in the work force?

39:40 What are some career growth areas for CFA professionals?

49:35 What are the changing “dynamics” in the finance workforce and on teams?

55:35 What advice would you offer people listening to this podcast?